Sunday, July 24, 2011

I. Birth

A short introduction for you guys:


I decided to make a blogspot account (lol better late than never), so this will serve as another photoblog-ish and perhaps a place where I can blog/rant whenever I want to escape the world of Tumblr haha not to mention that I don't have anything to do and I'm a little bum as fck because I'm still waiting for the result of the boards lol.

Few days have passed after the board exam for nurses and I don't know what to feel-- the exam was adjlajsdljasldjal hard  because most of the questions are confusing and not even close to what we reviewed during our stay in Antipolo lol. But hey, I know that God knows how much I prayed, prepared and sacrificed a lot for this exam. Whatever the results might be I know that I did my part and that there's  a purpose behind it. A big yay for optimism lol. GO ALTAIRS 2011

And yes, I love peanut butter cups. :)

-Knnthbltrnbnd :-)

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